Abbey Theatre, Dublin

February- March 2013

Set Design & Concept
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" Garance Marneur’s set is a striking blend of rough rock and smooth lines and pillars. The result is coldly grand, ancient and modern both, and realises the tone of Selina Cartmell’s direction. Cartmell directs with an artistic eye for detail and precision; the result is cinematic and unfailingly epic. Scenes such as when Lear arrives with his entourage of antlered men are haunting and pagan; wolfhounds trot in the background and parts of the stage rise and fall. "


" Cartmell and her ensemble have triumphed bringing an innovative, touching and at times harrowing production to Irish audiences. Garance Marneur’s set design gives a vivacity to the performance that allows for the multi-layered tragedy to come into its own. "


" This production for the Abbey Theatre certainly maintains this accessible thrust, though less in its approach to the text than in its spectacle. This is Blockbuster Shakespeare, with high production values that provide a filmic thrust to the classical material, and visual images and a soundscape that call to mind historical fantasies [...] you almost forget you are in the theatre. "


" It was the first time my children (aged 8 & 10) had been to the Abbey, and also their introduction to staged Shakespeare. I worry that they have been spoilt and will expect such excellence every time they set foot in the Abbey or experience Shakespeare.
I have been involved with theatre, in one capacity or another, for almost 25 years – and what I was privileged to witness last night was the best I have ever seen. Beg, borrow, steal or sell your virtue to get yourself a ticket to see this production.
This production of King Lear is a manifestation of the the kind of alchemy that only occurs when all the stars – celestial and terrestrial – are aligned and in true collaboration. "


" In an almost cinematic set by Garance Marneur, magnificently lit by Chahine Yavroyan and with a faultless support cast, this is memorable Shakespeare. "


" The set is Impressive, with a walkway at a height to create a split level and projection from the front of the stage, bringing the actors in amongst the audience. There’s even a section of the set that can rise and fall, which was used well during the storm scene. [...] It is great to see Shakespeare back on the stage in the Abbey, and this production of King Lear will last long in the memory. "