Royal Court Theatre, London

March- April 2013

Set and Costume Designer, Projection

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  • 3D model of the set
  • Costume Design: Each character was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of themselves as children printed at the front

" The cast is very good at animating a deliberately fractured narrative across close to two hours, the various plotlines emerging like so many dramatic shards. Think of the jagged pieces of glass visible in Garance Marneur's modish rectilinear set as a visual equivalent of the script. "


" Narrative is a world of mirrors. They symbolise Neilson's interrogation of the difficulties and problems which arise when we try to use art to directly mirror life. Though a full length mirror may demonstrate an image of what life is, it doesn't offer us an honest and full representation of the complexities of life. Far better, then, to look to fragmented pieces of glass. [...] The cast wear t-shirts adorned with photos of their younger selves, and there is always a sense that proceedings could suddenly take an unexpected turn. Garance Marneur's set supports this, and allows for the creation of a number of striking images. "


" To one side of a sleek white design jewelled with blinking blue LEDs- Apple's smooth, clean lines extended across an entire theatre set- a screen hosts a projected cave painting: the earliest example of human narrative. [...] It's theatre for the multi-tab generation. And yet this is more than just a meditation on the ways that digital technology has rewired our thought and behaviour. Narrative is wired into our cultural DNA. [...] The modern focus on the individual keeps rearing its head. Mirrors are everywhere, both in the text and dotted around Garance Marneur's design, most strikingly as a scattering of reflective fragments in a shallow pool of water; in place of costume, the actors wear T-shirts adorned with photos of their younger selves, a statement of identity and personal narrative sitting against their skin. Here, the ability to tell one's story is depicted as central to contemporary experience.

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Catherine Love, review for the Royal Court

" Scenes swim in and out of inner landscapes and fantasy. The less-than-two-hour evening is delivered with bite and stylishness, greatly helped by Garance Marneur's sleek design. "


" Garance Marneur's sleek white modernist design features shards of broken mirrors, which reflect the nature of the play itself, in which we juxtaposed fragments of several different story-lines. "


" Interesting ideas lie scattered among the white shards, mirrors and shattered glass of Garance Marneur's design. Egotism- our refusal to believe in our individual insignificance- and a restless search for authenticity are explored in the context of a plugged-in, techno-savvy modernityadept at forging its own, often ludicrous or trivial myths. "