Gate Theatre, London

April- May 2012

Concept, Set and Costume Design
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  • Concept Design- Optical illusion, a 2 dimensional space sculpted in a 3 dimensional space
  • The set without stage lighting
  • Audience cannot handle the mathematics anymore... cup of tea?!
  • Infinite and parallel worlds- scale and measurements. A box within a box, within a box...
  • A manuscript forgotten for nearly a 100 years that will change the world. The radical...
  • A manuscript forgotten for nearly a 100 years that will change the world. The radical...
  • The French revolution. And other type of radicals...
  • Poster

" The evening is intellectually spry- a collective experiment. If it has a single message, it is that the process matters more than the solution. This is Greyscale's credo too. [...] It is a show that champions the idea that we can all be radicals and make a difference. Designer Garance Marneur's elegant scarlet classroom includes a doll's-house-sized version of the set- so miraculous it made the audience gasp. It invites us to consider the integrity of scale and its effect on the weighing of truth "


" "Visual cues work best, like Garance Marneur's stunning Constructivist set and on-stage model box; stylish realisations of the theatrical square-root theory. "

EXEUNT Magazine

" Greyscale's brilliant, dexterous examination of Julian Assange- a show that takes innovation as its subject. [...] Tenet mixes two radicals- political and mathematical- and it's the best kind of brain-ache. You have to sprint to keep up, but the result is a complexity unrivalled at the London stage "


" Garance Marneur's set within a set within a set is a brilliant physicalisation of the central mathematical concept of the play. "


" On Garance Marneur's bright red set, marked with geometrical lines which continue through furniture and objects and in perspective along black walls [...] with parallel worlds in Chinese boxes getting even smaller by geometrical progression and a black board by a whiteboard for chalking up equations, proposals and instructions they launch out into abstract algebra and then begin to tell the story of Evariste Gallois. "


" Without seeing this piece all over again, which I am sorely tempted to do, it is impossible to fully investigate Greyscale's creation to the level it deserves. Part of my brain is still trying to catch up. Perhaps the best sort of metaphor for Tenet is not an algebraic one but, inspired by the emergency biscuits, a dessert related one. Because really Greyscale is a lot like brain freeze; it makes the head heart, but it is more than worth the pain. "