Theatre Royal Plymouth

November 2014

Set and Costume Designer
All photographs by Steve Tanner

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" Through metallic-effect walls, strip lighting and clean lines, Garance Marneur’s impressive set conjures interstellar exploration and our unstinting faith in scientific progress. The three scenes are performed within the space between two boxes, which gradually move closer together as the play progresses, until finally they combine to create a physical holding space for the climax. As the representation of the friendship between Daniel and Paul cuts to Amy’s (Leah Brotherhead) clinical interrogation of colleague Natalia (Anna Elijasz) then finally reveals the cost of humankind’s hubris, the walls close in, and time runs out; the language becomes more fractured, and the scenes get shorter before we’re plunged into darkness one last time. "


" An unsettling dream [...] Echoes and reflections haunt the action, most strikingly in the final sequence, in which Garance Marneur’s brilliant design places Nina and Paul, in bright, white spacesuits, inside a glass cube, its gleaming walls acting as mirrors and creating a multitude of helpless, bobbing figures, while the stranded, desperate pair are as vulnerable as two newborns in a hospital incubator. Notions about what shapes and defines our humanity, from family and religious faith to love, sex, memory and art, ricochet through the dialogue and the imagery: there’s an affecting moment when Daniel, desperate for comfort and a connection with the past, clutches the hand of an Antony Gormley sculpture on Crosby beach — part of the artist’s epic work Another Place, referenced by Moore’s title —doomed to be submerged by rising flood waters.
The overall effect is dazzling [...] the play reverberates around the mind long afterwards. "